Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if it’s raining or particularly bad weather on the day of the booking?
A: If the weather is bad/raining we will call you the evening before the date of hire and advise you what to do. For safety reasons we would advise not to use bouncy castles in adverse weather ie heavy rain or strong winds.
Q: Is it ok to put a bouncy castle on my lawn, will it cause much damage?
A: We actually prefer to put the bouncy castle on a lawn area. For safety reasons we must hammer in 6 securing pegs to hold the castle down during use. The castle will have a ground sheet placed under it so the grass will not come to any harm. The holes left over from the securing pegs will disappear after a few days.
Q: How much notice do I need to give to book a castle?
A: As much notice as possible is always the safest bet but we at CK castles like to build a close relationship with all of our customers so feel free to enquire the day before or even that same morning and we will do everything possible to accommodate you. This is obviously not recommended but we try to be as flexible as possible and love spontaneous parties.
Q: How many children/adults are allowed on the castle?
A: Each castle has different limits. Please note children's castles should never be used by heavier adults, remember the hirer is responsible for any damage.
Q: Can you set up on a concrete/gravel/decking area?
A: We do NOT hire out castles on the concrete or decking. Sometimes we can inflate a castle on gravel depending on the type of gravel and the ground underneath it. We have protective foam to place under the bouncy castle and as long ad the gravel is placed on soil we can peg the inflatables down to keep everyone safe.
Q: How much space do I need for a bouncy castle?
A: The dimensions of our castles are shown on our product listings please also allow an additional 5 feet both back and front and at least 2 feet at the sides.
Q: Can the bouncy castles go indoors?
A: Yes the bouncy castles can go indoors but you must check the height of the ceiling before booking. The ceiling must be higher than the height of the castle booked. Heights of all our castles are on our product listings
Q: What payment method we you except?
A: We except cash on delivery, bank transfer or alternatively if you wish to use paypal to either pay us or to be sent a payable invoice by CK castles then our email address is CK castles is also registered with ping-it on our contact number provided.
Q: Do you need an electrical socket?
A: There must be access to a 240 mains power supply (general house hold socket).
Q: Do you charge for cancellation?
A:We do not charge for cancellation as long as we have 24 hours notice.
Q: Are you fully insured, if a child gets injured who's to blame?
A: We carry 5 million pounds worth of public liability cover, however as per our terms and conditions we cannot be held liable for any injuries caused whilst the castle is in your care. You are the sole person responsible for the castle and it's use and therefore should anything happen, you are liable to a claim as the hirer. Our Public Liability covers us against set up faults or faulty equipment etc
Q: When the castle is delivered, do I have to set it up myself or do you do it?
A: No we will fully assemble the castle and make it secure for your use. We will give you a demonstration on how to use it safely and then leave it in your control. When we return to collect the castle at the agreed time we will dismantle it.
Q: How long do I get to keep the bouncy castle?
A: We deliver the equipment to you at the agreed time discussed in the booking procedure. We then collect them later on that day at the time chosen by you in the booking discussion. If you want it for more than one day please mention this when you book, this will of course be reflected in the price (£10). We will arrange the collection time when booked. All Hall hires (INDOOR PARTIES)We will work with with you to deliver and collect within the venue hire times.
Q: What kind of access do you need when you deliver the castle?
A: The castles are wheeled in to position using a cart, so we will need a standard size path to get the castle in to your garden or venue. If you have a lot of steps or a tight entrance way, please let us know so that we can assess the access. The castles are heavy items and cannot be lifted.
Q Do you hire to houses that the Bouncy Castle has to be carried through the house (i.e Terreced houses)
A Most of our units are bulky item and we would struggle to get through a house. Please let us know when you book as we will need to know the access available. Bouncy castles with slides we will not be able to carry through a house.
Q: Do you hire bouncy castles during the winter months for outside use?
A: Yes we will hire the inflatable equipment during the winter months but be aware that it is very cold and we would recommend an indoor party if possible.

If you have any other questions that we have not covered please contact us